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Patrice Fortier

Directeur d'usine

GMD - Eurostyle Systems

As head of all projects for Akebono Europe, Andreas has always known with firmness, professionalism and humanity to achieve his objectives. He was able to put in place a program management tool which enabled his teams of project managers, located in the various European offices, to work with the same methodology and the same rigor Independent of the project scope.

Marc Landou

Directeur des ressources humaines

MAT Friction

Andreas knew with great professionalism to structure and organize the program management that did not exist in our company, he also knew how to delegate and train his team so that in the end the new programs run smoothly, with the implication of all parties involved and escalations when necessary to deal with potential problems at the right time. All this with obstinacy, objectivity, calm, remaining factual, with a smile ...

Olivier Caramelle

Directeur Stratégie Europe

Akebono Europe

I got to know Andreas when I joined Akebono Europe in 2013. After heading the R&D activity for several years, he had just been requested to put a project management system in place for the group in Europe. As the project management office VP, he has put project management in place and has been heading the team of project managers in France and Germany. He has also helped deploy project management on a global basis, particularly with his US and Japan counterparts. Being at the same time "hands on" and part of the management committee, Andreas has been able to give his project managers the right level of support in their operational activities, as well as to escalate and secure support from upper management when necessary (escalation of "red" items). A global player speaking fluently German/English/French with a keen knowledge of the automotive industry, I would highly recommend Andreas to any company willing to enhance its project management system in a complex organization.

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