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Are we a project organization ?

Phrases to avoid

  • Everybody knows that …

  • I'm waiting for …


  • Is the decision process well defined and known by all members  ?

  • Are decision taken rapidly ?


  • Do your indicators reflect reality, and are used as basis for regular reviews ?

  • Are the projects all members priority ?

  • Are the management tools efficient ?

Company runs as a projet organization

Analysis and reflection

1. Kick-Off

  • is the decision taken clear, precise and communicated to the whole team ?

2. Execution

  • Are the project gates standardized ?

  • Are the gate checklists standardized and covering all issues ?

  • What is the escalation process  ?

  • Are all actions well registered, centralized and visible to the whole team  ?

3. Production

  • Do you have dedicated specialists for new product launch ?

  • Do yo uhave issues with new product launches ?

Management and team : one unit

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